Why am i getting in trouble?!

Question: Why am i getting in trouble.?
Ok so there's this kid with autism and people make fun of him alot and annoy him. So today i see a bunch of kids messing with him and i went up to them and told them to leave him alone. So they persist to shove me, and i come back and knock him out in one punch to the ground crying. It felt good. But i got suspended and they got nothing. I was trying to help a defensless person with autism. wowHealth Question & Answer

Just brush it off. You did a good thing and most people just suck. :)Health Question & Answer

Unfortunately there is a penalty for fighting even if you were doing it for the right reasons. You can tell your parents to talk to the principal and express how it isn't fare that they started it and they were taunting this kid and they got NO repercussions
My daughter has aspbergers which is a milder form of autism

Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

props to you for standing up for others. unfortunately, you swung first and if they didnt swing back then "technically" they werent fighting. you had to get in trouble because you fought.Health Question & Answer

My brother has autism.
I work at an all boys school.Health Question & Answer

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