Decalcification/ White Spots on teeth keep getting worse?!

Question: Decalcification/ White Spots on teeth keep getting worse.?
I've had braces for almost three years and had gotten the white spots because I wasn't brushing. Lately, though it looks like they're getting worse. I brush twice daily, use Phosflur flouride treatment daily, floss, etc. but more are still developing!.? I don't drink soda; just water, and don't eat alot of sugary foods either. What can I do.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

More than likely you will need to have the decalcified areas removed and restored. There are some recalcifying toothpaste on the market that claim to 'heal' these areas, but they are marginally effective. The newest one is called Renew by Topex. They do require a DDS prescription. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

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