Temp solution until I get dental insurance?!

Question: Temp solution until I get dental insurance.?
One of my molars....I'm pretty sure is decaying....a few months ago..maybe almost 2 years ago, my dentist put a filling inside of my tooth, its rather large...then sometime last year my tooth cracked *part of it...the part that connects to the next tooth..if that makes sense* and i had ALOT of pain for a while...but no insurance...and couldn't afford anything....then a few months ago the pain stopped...didnt hurt anymore....a few days ago...i was eating and and even bigger piece chipped off...the tooth is still in place but the side that faces the tounge is partially gone with the filling exposed...but you cant see any part of the tooth...just the enamal on the sides i guess

my question is is there someting i can do...before the pain kicks in..if it does...until i can find some good dental insurance.? i dont really have alot of money..and i am working 2 jobs....but alot of benifits dont kick in till 90 days or soHealth Question & Answer

I would get into a dentist that would be willing to work with you. You could also try your local superstore (Wal*Mart) or drugstore to see if they have an emergency dental clinic.

In the meantime, Walgreens (and I am sure others) carry temporary filling kits. Please see the links below.

Good luck.Health Question & Answer

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Some dentist will work with you on payment plans. Find one you need to get in and get that tooth extracted most likely.Health Question & Answer

I have insurance and also this great plan just in case i Meet my limit for the year on my insurance. I would encourage you to visit this great site: www.healthsavings.ourperfectcard.com I signed up online over 5 years ago and they have saved us thousands of dollars since on all dental services. They could help with cost until your benefits kick in and work out a payment plan with the dentist. From exams, xrays, cleanings...etc. Even my braces were covered. They even had my extremely affordable plan active in 2 hours and was able to use it the very same day. Hope this helps and good luck.Health Question & Answer

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