Whats your favorite teeth color?!

Question: Whats your favorite teeth color.?
white.Health Question & Answer

In dental cosmetics there are many colors,
thay range from A1-D4 depending on which shade guide scale you use.
I would recomend an A1 if you have light skin or
a A2 if you have dark skin...
all the other shades have hints of yellow blue or red in them and they dont look good, that is just my opinion though....
But if you want ugly brown coffee stained teeth...
you can get a C4...
but if you want teeth so white you look like a freak there are I shades...
I 1-6
And they are white like whip cream. They are wayyyyy to white you look like an alien and people will know you have fake teeth which isnt the goal.Health Question & Answer

I deal in dental technology.Health Question & Answer

There is no man or woman who doesn't dream about white, shiny teeth.Health Question & Answer

http://www.coolwhiteteeth.comHealth Question & Answer

I'm gonna have to say pearly white. But it seems like im in the minority, lots of people prefer yellow I guess.Health Question & Answer

gowd wit griwz.

(gold with grills.)Health Question & Answer

street cred.Health Question & Answer

Strange question. lol =]

White.Health Question & Answer

white ;)Health Question & Answer

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