Will I have to have teeth out to get braces?!

Question: Will I have to have teeth out to get braces.?
I'm thinking about getting braces but I read that I might have to get teeth out to make room. Is there a way I can tell if I'll need teeth out without having to consult a dentist/orthodontist.? I read that it hurts a lot to have the teeth out first.Health Question & Answer

i got a tooth out when i was younger, like 7, and they do numb your mouth and all so its not sore, just scary feeling them rip it out! lmao. But it is sore for a day after.

BUT i got braces and i didnt need to get teeth out! And mine were fairly bad too! the reason i didnt need to was because my back teeth were like pointin in towards mmy mouth slightl, this meant it made my arch (thats what they call your teeth) smaller, so my front teeth went all crooked and my 2 incisors went way up! haha
but when i got my brace it widened my arch (straightened my back teeth), so there was room for my front teeth to drop into.

Its hard to explain but basically not everyone needs teeth out.

But honestly, dont let getting teeth out stop ya from getting braces.
I got mines off last month and i had the best month of my life since!
They make SUCH a diference!

get them if you canHealth Question & Answer

Personal Experience:
Before I got my braces I had to get 4 molars removed because they were baby teeth. Because the teeth were so impacted I got put to sleep. They place a mask over your face, you breath in and out and they next thing you know your waking up.

You will have to eat soft foods for a day or 2, and it will hurt the first day. But trust me it is worth it. Without getting this done you will have to have your braces much longer.
When you first wake up from being put to sleep, you will feel dizzy.

I don't know that you will be put to sleep. But if they are molars, then you will have to for sure!

Its nothing to worry about and time will fly by!

also, make sure you get the teeth out BEFORE you get the braces on. Because I got my braces on first, and they cut the back of my throat with the braces. It hurt so much to eat anything for about a week.

good luck! & don't be scared!Health Question & Answer

personal experienceHealth Question & Answer

Oh, my dentist said that to me when I got my braces on, but instead they made me wear this device in my mouth that I had to turn 4 times a day and it would push my teeth out. Then the tooth that they were needing space for, they just made me wear a rubber band on the tooth to pull it down in the empty space. But just to let you know, yes it does kind of hurt when you turn the device in your mouth because I mean hello, it's pushing your teeth out.Health Question & Answer

The first premolar teeth are removed to make room for any crooked teeth that are in front.
Most often that is what is done for a good alignment for the front teeth. The only way to tell whether you need the teeth removed or not is by checking with your dentist. They would try braces without removing any teeth if it is possible.
By far 80% or the people need 2 teeth from each jaw to be removed.Health Question & Answer

The orthodontist will let you know if you have to have teeth removed to get the braces. I am not sure that I understand your question, but if you have overcrowding in your mouth, they may have to extract teeth. if you have a lot of baby teeth, then they will more than likely want to wait until some of them come out on their own. My ten year old daughter will be getting braces soon. Her dentist said she is losing teeth that children typically don't lose until they are twelve or thirteen.. which made her a good candidate at her age.

It does hurt to have teeth extracted but I every time I go to the dentist, I ask for the "laughing gas". My daughter hasn't had to have anything major done just her teeth cleaned but she will get her consultation on May 26 so probably by the end of the summer she will be wearing braces. Good Luck though!!!!!Health Question & Answer

check out pictures of pretty staight teeth count them then count yours and see if u need teeth pulledHealth Question & Answer

not sure if this would work never tried and i havent gotten braces yetHealth Question & Answer

it really depends if you have too many teeth. you should be able to tell yourself. if it's too crammed up in there then yeah probablyHealth Question & Answer

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