How soon can I brush my teeth after getting a dental filling?!

Question: How soon can I brush my teeth after getting a dental filling.?
I had three cavities in my top front teeth that I had filled yesterday around 4:00. I don't know what kind of fillings they are, but now my teeth feel disgusting, like major plaque build-up. Earlier, I tried to scratch some off, but it just feels likes it stuck to my tooth. Or that it IS my tooth filed down in layers. This gunk is even in between my teeth, can I floss (and brush) yet.? If you submit an answer, please let me know your source and dental experience, if any. Thanks in advance.Health Question & Answer

I worked for a dentist as a hygienist and assistant and I have had fillings myself. It is ok to brush and floss right away. If the filling is darker in material it is amalgam if it is tooth colored it is composite and both are just fine to brush and floss that evening. Unless you have a really bad dentist they are not going anywhere for a while. So rest assured you are fine.Health Question & Answer

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You may brush your teeth when you feel it is necessary and your teeth will get used to the dental fillings. You should probably go up to your local drugstore and get some tooth paste for sensitive teeth.Health Question & Answer

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