Why are my teeth like this and how can i fix this?!

Question: Why are my teeth like this and how can i fix this.?
also has anybody else had this problem.? if you look at my pic you can see the bottom row of my teeth on the right side goes in and is not inline. please help with advice and answers
http://i314.photobucket.com/albums/ll407...Health Question & Answer

It looks like there wasnt enough room for all the teeth coming in on that side of your mouth so they just grew slightly behind the other ones. You can probably have 1 or 2 pulled and then get braces and they will be fixed. You should ask your dentist the next time you see them.Health Question & Answer

i would think the only way to fix a problem like that would be
with braces... but i guess you can never know for sure
unless you go to an orthodontist or something.? good luck!Health Question & Answer

Looks like they just came in crooked. The only way to fix it would be braces, but if the rest of your teeth are straight it might not be worth it to get them.Health Question & Answer

ITS TOO BLURRY AND LOW QUALITY-ISH...yeah cant see it that wellHealth Question & Answer

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