What good soft foods can i eat after a dental surgery?!

Question: What good soft foods can i eat after a dental surgery.?
i just got dental surgery, what soft foods can i eat that are actually GOOD.?Health Question & Answer

Hi I just had 2 wisdom teeth out. At first I could only open my mouth about the width of a finger nail but I have now progressed to about 2 fingers! I still can't bite anything even slightly hard. Here are a list of foods that I have been living on for the last 2 weeks, they can all be eaten with a teaspoon as that's all that will fit in my mouth!!

Mashed potato with various accompaniments e.g. spaghetti hoops, baked beans, cauliflower cheese.

Cauliflower cheese which you could also add brocoli to or other veg that go soft.

Shepherds pie style dishes

Risotto has been a more recent development with really small chopped veg.


Spinage and ricotta canelloni [managed that last night]

Basic foods which get quite boring include:

Porridge [good at filling you up as it takes me so long to eat I'm often hungry!]

Milkshakes - banana with yoghurt thrown in mainly as it's easier to drink then use a spoon.

Shreddies - a recent development as they go really soggy with lots of milk and at least it's an improvement on porridge!

Any yoghurts, muller rice etc. [although I got quite fed up with these]

Hope that gives you some ideas - 2 weeks on I'm now totally sick of soft food and am depserate for a pizza!! However my dentist said that it can take up to 6 weeks to get full use of my mouth back.

On the plus size, the soft regime is a great diet - they should write a book about it!!Health Question & Answer

I had dental work done on Monday. Ice cream, mashed potatoes, Oreos dunked in milk, soups (Campbell's Cream of Chicken), Anything you can put in a blender where you don't have to chew so much. Unfortunately, if you consider spicy food "good," you should probably avoid it right now. If you got jalapenos in your dental wounds it would not be fun. Soft and bland are safe choices.Health Question & Answer

What kind of surgery did you have.? I had to have gum surgery because of an abcess one time, and I've also had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out at once. After that surgery, I had an ice cold shake (cause the coldness numbs the pain), and applesauce, cottage cheese, refried beans, bananas,...protein shakes....smoothies, pasta, that's about all I can come up with at this time. Hope this helps, and hope you feel better soon. :-)Health Question & Answer

i love mashed potatoes so that was a good choice for me.. soups too.Health Question & Answer

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