How do i get whiter teeth at home with out buying the stripes? i need something i can make at home?!

Question: How do i get whiter teeth at home with out buying the stripes.? i need something i can make at home.?
you can use hydrogen peroxide and/or baking soda

you take your toothbrush get it slightly wet and dip it in any of those 2 things or both (if both, dip the hp first)
then you brush your teeth regularly and brush until you see it gets bubbly.

you can search on youtube if you wanna see hows its done.
"how to whiten teeth with baking soda"
or hydrogen peroxide.Health Question & Answer

Baking soda is an option. Care must be exercised to prevent damage to the teeth enamel. You can read up on at-home methods here: Question & Answer

a few years ago the Rep. for Rembrandt tooth whitening toothpaste and bleach told me that Ultra Brite tooth paste works as well if not better than Rembrandt.Health Question & Answer

dental asst.Health Question & Answer

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