Hey girls would you care if your boyfriend had sharp canines?!

Question: Hey girls would you care if your boyfriend had sharp canines.?
I'm asking this cause my girlfriend thinks i look like a vampire with my sharp canine teeth and it makes me feel bad and embarassed and also i get told by others that i look like a vampire with my teeth sharpness. What can i do to get my sharp canines to make them look blunt should i do sumfing about it u reckon..?Plz answer this thanxHealth Question & Answer

Well I would think that there cute, it's what makes you uneque, (I have sharp Canine's, and I kept them), there your teeth though, I wouldn't know how to flaten them, but I do know that they should be sharp, cause how do you eat meat when there flat... I think you should keep them... Personally I like people to stay the way they are, and be themselves. :)Health Question & Answer

i wouldnt care
ive dated a guy with more predominate canine teeth and i called him a vampire and we laughed over it. i actually thought it was cute

if she doesnt like it then... oh well, they're your teeth.

i wouldnt do anything stupid like get them filed down. you shouldnt change the way you look for anyone, love is supposed to be unconditional.Health Question & Answer

I woudnt care, canines are hot, so are vamps. If your really worried about them try shaving them down w/ a nail filer, it doesnt hurt, but may damage your teeth in the future. If your gf can't deal get a new one. she needs to like you for who you are, but then again, you didnt ask for love advice.Health Question & Answer

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