Braces and gum?!!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Question: Braces and gum.?!!.?!!.?!.?!.?.?!.?!.?!.?
Are you REALLY not supposed to chew gum when you have braces.? My orthodontist said it wears away the cement or something. What do you think.?Health Question & Answer

Some orthodontists say not to chew gum at all and others think its okay to chew sugar free. Sugar free gum is supposed to be less sticky so it won't grab the cement and take brackets off. At your next appointment ask your orthodontist if it would be okay to chew sugar free gum. Until then try to hold off on it and other chewy foods like Gushers and Gummy Bears.Health Question & Answer

I don't know if that's true or not but my orthodontist only told me not to chew gum but i chew gum almost everyday and my braces are still fine.. and also people say it gets messy and sticky in your mouth with braces but it doesn't for me like the gum has only got stuck in my braces once but that's because i was bored in class and i was playing with my gum and like putting it on the hooks on my braces and stuff.. lolHealth Question & Answer

I have braces and chew gumHealth Question & Answer

you're really not supposed to, but most people do. i always did when i had braces.
i wouldn't chew it like right when you get them on or when you get them tightened cause that's when they're most sore. other than that it didn't really seem to affect me, and my orthodontist never really mentioned noticing the effects or it hindering the progress of my teeth.Health Question & Answer

Sugarless gum is OK. They say that you're not supposed to chew sugary gum because it weakens the bonding and can bend any exposed wires, but, personally, I've never had an issue. There are much worse things you could eat- I've broken brackets on corn and fruit snacks before, but never gum.Health Question & Answer

I have chewed gum with my braces on recently and i have noticed that it pulls the wire on my spacers so i'm HOPING the ortho doesn't think i chewed gum because my mom will KILL me!!

Good Luck And I Would Do ItIf I Were You!Health Question & Answer

I have braces and I've been told not to chew gum. Almost all of my classmates who have braces do chew gum. I won't but everyone seems to be fine. Im following dentists orders though just in case, but everyone else is fine.
:)Health Question & Answer

I know tons of people who do chew gum and have braces. My friend just got braces three days ago and she just began to chew gum today. Just be aware of where you are placing your gum. Other than that you should be fine.Health Question & Answer

I have braces, and my ortho says if it is sugar free gum, it's actually recomended that you chew it every now and then... it keeps them cleaner and gets things out that are stuck... lolHealth Question & Answer

It depends on the gum. Stuff like orbit wont do anything and is fine. The main thing is the hard gum, or sticky gum like bazooka. Those can break the cement.Health Question & Answer

I have braces and I chew gum, i've had them for two years and nothing bad has ever happened. I dont know anybody with braces that DOESNT chew gum.Health Question & Answer

It really does, also it can get stuck, very messy, nor not very attractive either.Health Question & Answer

I chewed gum the whole time I had braces and it was perfectly fine. Just do sugar free and it wont stick to them.Health Question & Answer

My doctors don't want me to, but she said if you do, buy sugarfree.Health Question & Answer

NO it doesnt. Just make sure its sugar free gum. i chewwed gum with mmy braces and my teeth are fineHealth Question & Answer

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