How soon after a tooth extraction can I drink carbonated beverages?!

Question: How soon after a tooth extraction can I drink carbonated beverages.?
My dentist told me either 24 hours or 72 hours, I can't remember which. I really need something bubbly like sparkling water or a Diet Coke! And why the wait anyway.? Don't answer unless you can give me a good source or a personal experience, please.Health Question & Answer

We tell our patients to wait 24 to 28 hours. We ask them to wait because we don't want anything to irritate or possibly dislodge the blood clot. Same reason you are asked not to drink out of a straw or spit.Health Question & Answer

Dental Office Manager 3 yearsHealth Question & Answer

I am a dental assistant and our office recommends waiting 24 hours.Health Question & Answer

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