How long till the numbness last?!

Question: How long till the numbness last.?
I had my wisdom teeth removed today, and the procedure took an hour and I was leaving the oral surgeon at about 10:15am it's currently almost 9 pm and I've regained feeling in my tongue, but I cannot feel my bottom lip and chin at all, as well as my left cheek still being a bit numb.

Is something wrong, or can the numbness last that long.?Health Question & Answer

no just wait until tomorrow for some people it takes longer depending on how much numbing medication they put in and where they put it in. do not wish that the numbing will go away because for some people after wisdom tooth removal it becomes very painful for them to bear.Health Question & Answer

Well, you are edging into the territory of possible complications. Usually numbness will wear off by now. But, in some places and for some people it can take longer, it just depends.

Yeah, if you are still numb in the morning you may have complications, call your DDS.

Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

I've had quite a few oral surgeries and too many locals to count.Health Question & Answer

They removed your teeth, trust me you want to be numb or the pain would be unbearable. and yes it deffinately can last that long, its not the same as getting a filling or something like that, they removed the whole tooth. dont worry you'll be fine


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