Getting wisdom teeth pulled question?!

Question: Getting wisdom teeth pulled question.?
Okay well im getting them in right now im 15 and i have to get them pulled sometime, i want to know from people with experience, how bad it truly hurts, like give me examples and everything, i am really terrified of getting this done ive seen pictures and heard stories and im terrified i can feel the pain of them coming in right now and oh my god it hurts.Health Question & Answer

I had all four of mine cut out at the same time. They put me to sleep and I don't remember a thing. When I woke up I mostly just slept the rest of they day. I wasn't in a whole lot of pain, unless I tried to chew or cough or something to move my mouth, otherwise it didn't hurt. I ate lots of jello, chicken broth, mashed potatoes, pudding, and stuff like that. I only took maybe 3 pain pills. The discomfort lasted maybe a week and a half, but it wasn't nothing bad. You'll be fine.Health Question & Answer

Ihad all four removed wednesday and the worst pain was today which still isnt bad i will be going back to work tomorrow so i only needed two days off. You will be tired of applesauce and yogurt after the second day though. the best part about it is that you can eat all the ice cream you want and not feel guilty because basically thats all you can have.Health Question & Answer

It doesn't really hurt while they're doing it, but afterward it feels like Satan is stabbing you in the jaw with his pitchfork. Make sure the doctor gives you at least 20 Vicodin as you may need to take two at a time the first day. If he won't give you that many vicodin than don't let him touch your teeth.Health Question & Answer

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