Do clear braces get dirty fast?!

Question: Do clear braces get dirty fast.?
I'm going to the orthodontist in a few days and I want to get clear but I hear they get dirty and begin to look dingy. Is this true.?Health Question & Answer

well i have them, haha.
but i find as long as you brush your teeth soon after you finish eating then you're okay! they are way less noticeable than the metal braces.

answer my question.?
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Yes my friend has clear braces but she keeps hers really clean cause she doesn't drink soda and juice and eats pizza upside down but my other friend got clear braces and she had to switch to metal cause her got yellow after 2 weeksHealth Question & Answer

ya they do. also if you eat orange tic tacs or anything like that they will stain the braces.Health Question & Answer

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