What is up with my teeth?!

Question: What is up with my teeth.?
Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my teeth feel sore like I have had them clenched for hours. If I am grinding my teeth or clenching my jaws while i am asleep why do I do this.?Health Question & Answer

There are a lot of factors involved with this problem. Stress, your bite, your jaw joint. If you notice your teeth being short, this is a sign of destructive grinding. Another sign may be your chewing muscles are sore or tender. If it is a skeletal problem, your jaw joint will be sore or tender (you may hear/feel clicking or a sound while opening and closing).

If this continues, the destructive habit will make your teeth very short. A dentist may make a occlusal night guard and equilibrate your teeth (similar to balancing tires of a car). This will reduce the pain, and destruction.Health Question & Answer

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It's either TMJ or MPD. A dentist should be able to tell you. TMJ will show up on your teeth. MPD is myofascial pain disorder. Myofacsial doesn't refer to your face, but rather the fascia in your body. Think of it as TMJ-lite.

Best to get this looked into quickly. Things can get much worse. If you get it taken care of, then you will prevent tooth damage and even migraines.

Dental devices bought over the counter are not worth the money. I used to have a very expensive mouth guard, but my dentist used an NTI instead the last time I went in for this. It's a newer device, approved by the FDA. I'm just a happy user of it - it was much cheaper than a custom mouth guard!Health Question & Answer

Great educational site:

http://www.nti-tss.com/Health Question & Answer

are you often angry or upset when you go to sleep.? that was my problem. i solved it by buying a mouth guard made especially for this purpose. they're kinda expensive but they do the trick!Health Question & Answer

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