Tooth filling color????!

Question: Tooth filling color.?.?.?.?
ok so i had a oot canal the other day and the dentist did a great job,(lthough it was painful) but the filling that he put in wasnt white it was bluish with black i was wondering if they can make it white somehow.? can they.?could they put the new fillg over the oldone or would they have to take the old one out and put in the new one
cuz there are white matching fillingsHealth Question & Answer

Not sure what he put in but it sounds like a temporary. If they were to refill the tooth, all of the old temporary would be removed and the white tooth colored bonded filling placed. Because the tooth had a root canal you would have no pain from the drilling. They may also want to put a crown on the tooth and could use a porcelain crown that would match the shade of your teeth.Health Question & Answer

I'm a dentistHealth Question & Answer

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