Whats everything I should know about braces?!

Question: Whats everything I should know about braces.?
I'm really excited about getting my braces and I was wondering what to expect. What to know about how to take care of them. Even helpful random facts would be good. Thanks!Health Question & Answer

First off, people are going to tell you they hurt. I honestly think they're trying to scare you. They get aggravating when you get them tightened, but that's about it.

*When you get them tightened, try to eat soft food.
Don't baby them though. It take a lot longer to get the soreness out.
*Coke or any caffeine drink can cause permanent damage to the teeth.
Right after you finish you need to brush.
*After every meal,(Breakfast, lunch, dinner,) Brush.
Food can get between your teeth and block where your tooth needs to move.

I think braces are cute. (: I like mine. Oddly enough. Lol.Health Question & Answer

I have braces.Health Question & Answer

1. Initally, they will hurt because of the weight of the wires and the rubber bands . . but that will disappear after a few days. Make sure to stick to really soft foods on the days when you do get work done on your braces.
2. Brush really really reallly well! Oral hygiene is important. Mouth wash is good.
3. Do everything the doc tells you, that's the only way your teeth will get straightened.
4. Initally, they will make mold castings of your teeth .. .this can be annoying. Then you get like x-rays of your teeth done.
5. Don't eat anything too hard. If the wires poke anywhere, make sure to tell the dentist.
Good luckHealth Question & Answer

well you have to clean them a lot after you eat dont eat hard candy i did that and a piece broke off lolzHealth Question & Answer

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