White Fillings Instead of Gray?!

Question: White Fillings Instead of Gray.?
I had 2 root canals and 2 white fillings.
When i breathe cold air it hurts as if ice were hitting my tooth
Does anyone else experiencxe sensitivity with the white fillings.?
Is it even supposed to hurt after a root canal and fillingHealth Question & Answer

If you had root canals done, the nerves were removed from the teeth. That would make it impossible to have any cold sensation from them. Are you sure that a filling was not done on a live normal tooth.? That would be possibly sensitive to cold if it was a deep filling. This sensitivity usually goes away in a week or two. If not see the dentist.Health Question & Answer

I'm a dentistHealth Question & Answer

i've gotten root canals before and it hurts just as bad after as it did during the procedure. for me, it hurt for a couple days before it went back to normal. maybe you should wait a little, then if it continues, call the dentist.Health Question & Answer

The composite (white) fillings shouldn't feel any different than the traditional silver ones. If it is really bad, then let your dentist know.Health Question & Answer

how long ago did you receive treatment.? it does get sensitive for one week but it gets better. i'd bring this up to my dentist.Health Question & Answer

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