Getting your teeth white?!

Question: Getting your teeth white.?
Whats a good way to make your teeth white. I know you have to brush but what else can you do.? Like a natural way.?

*Please don't tell me about those stupid strips or going to the dentist to get them whitened!!!Health Question & Answer

One natural way of whitening teeth is to mash up a ripe strawberry with a teaspoon of baking soda and then leaving the mixture on your teeth for five minutes. After that you have to brush your teeth with toothpaste to get rid of the mixture and the taste. But you can only use this once a week or else the baking soda will damage your enamel.Health Question & Answer

use appropriate tooth brushing techniques.
inappropriate methods can wear away enamel from your tooth surface, exposing dentine beneath it which is yellow in colour.

wen you brush take 3 teeth at a time.keep the brush at 45 degrees at the tooth surface near the gum line.then brush in a rotatory motion.then sweep through from gum line to the tooth edge.Health Question & Answer

eat happydentHealth Question & Answer

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