Help. Problem with my jaw?!

Question: Help. Problem with my jaw.?
My jaw makes a cracking noise when i tense it and move it from side to side. and it sometimes even gets stuck and i have to move my jaw around so it 'unlocks'. Its getting stuck more often as time passes. It dosent hurt at all, just very annoying. please help i need to know what the problem is with my jaw.

ps. it mostly my left jaw that has all these problems.Health Question & Answer

it sounds to me like you have a TMJ disorder

that is how mine started...just kind of annoying - it made the popping sound and then progressed to getting stuck and now im to the point where it hurts (my left side was always worse too, but now they are both kind of bad)

you should go to either ur dentist or doctor.

there are a lot of conservative treatments you can try. most dentists will make you a custom biteguard which will help with grinding. some other treatments include placing a warm moist towel on the outside of ur cheek, PT, gentle excercises, muscle relaxers, and NSAIDS - ur dentist/doctor will tell you what to do based on how bad it is.

hope this helps! =)Health Question & Answer

i have TMDHealth Question & Answer

It is lock jaw, probably there is necrosis in the jaw. Homeopathic medicines Rhus Tox, Causticum, Acid Fluor, Silicea, Calcaria Fluor, Hekla Lava are helpful. If it is after tooth extraction, a minimal dislocation of jaw is a possibility. If you are chewing with one side, you need to use both sides. It is good to see a doctor to check other reasons, arthritic, loss of muscle tone etc.Health Question & Answer

medicines should be used in consultation with doctor.Health Question & Answer

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