Really yellow teeth? what can i do!?!

Question: Really yellow teeth.? what can i do!.?
i've tried using white strips.Health Question & Answer

I have yellow teeth too- and I really dislike them.

Don't use home whitening products because I've heard they REALLY don't work, plus they might actually damage your teeth even more.

I saw a home remedy about using sodium bicarbonate to brush your teeth but that didn't really work either and I definitely won't advise using it because it's corrosive and harmful.

To prevent our teeth becoming even more yellow, I think it means cutting out caffeine, smoking and sugar. I don't do the first two but sugar is my weakness, I'm like ADDICTED to it...

Anyways back to your question, I think your best bet is to ask your dentist for more advice (sorry- I haven't been much help have I.?)Health Question & Answer

Me and my yellow teeth :-DHealth Question & Answer

Hmm.. do you drink coffee.? or soda because that could be the cause.
Or it could just be genetics why you have yellow teeth.. Like if your parents has yellow teeth then thats why.

But to answer your question try using whiteneen tooth paste or go to your dentist. There's even some stuff on TV that they suggest trying order that in.Health Question & Answer

in office bleaching (zoom 2) takes one hr.Health Question & Answer

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