When you get a tooth filling how long is it suppose to stay in your tooth?!

Question: When you get a tooth filling how long is it suppose to stay in your tooth.?
ok...i have cavities and do u keep da filling in ur tooth forever or does it come off after a while and u don't need them anymore [like braces...they come off after a average time of 2 years]Health Question & Answer

Fillings, depending on what material they are made from (metal or plastic resin or porcelain inlays) last a varied amount of time. Once you have a hole in the tooth (cavity) something has to fill it back in (filling material) and keep the hole filled. A new cavity can form around the edges of the old filling, making it necessary to take out the old filling and put a new, larger one in. Eventually the hole may get too large for the dentist to fill, and your dentist will recommend a cap or crown to cover the whole tooth and protect it against breaking. A metal filling can last up to 30 years, a plastic white one lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 from what I've seen anyways, and a crown can last up to ten or more years if you keep it clean and decay-free. You will never, however, be able to go without the filling because then yo uwill leave a hole in the tooth where the filling was! So, keep your mouth clean and hopefully your original fillings will last as long as possible before needing to be changed out.Health Question & Answer

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Once you have a filling, it is always there. The decay is taken out of the tooth and filled back in with the filling. With technology that I just saw on a television show the other day, water and laser is used and then a substance which looks like tooth is placed over the area that had the decay. It is a new process, but you would never know this person had a filling. Only a select number of dentists can do this procedure right now.Health Question & Answer

Tooth filling should last without troubles for at least 10-15 years, assuming they are properly done and you keep a good oral hygiene measures, amalgam fillings last longer, composite filling last lesser, keeping in mind that filled tooth dose not mean ignoring hygiene ae decay may re-occur between the filling and tooth surface interface, do not hesitate to ask more if you like u cant contact me as ahmadhashem41
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I have porcelain and amalgam fillings from the Navy in 1968.

They fill a hole, your tooth will not grow back..and it is not da filling it is the fillingHealth Question & Answer

I've had some amalgam fillings last over 20 years. I just got some with the new crap and they are already washing out. My best luck has beem with an amalgam filling and then a gold cap over the whole works.Health Question & Answer

They are not supposed to come out.Health Question & Answer

they stay forever unless you get a root canalHealth Question & Answer

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