Should my daughter....? (teeth question)?!

Question: Should my daughter.....? (teeth question).?
Ok, so my 11 year old daughter has crooked teeth which is why she's probably going to get braces in may or june. right now she uses Colgate Sparkling White cinnamon toothpaste. i'm not sure if it's a whitening toothpaste, but she considers herself to have fairly yellow teeth. should i stop letting her use the whitening teeth toothpaste.? because i just read that you shouldn't use whitening toothpaste when you have braces should i get her in the habit of not using it.? thank you!Health Question & Answer

The chemicals that do the whitening can interfere with the bonding of the composite (glue that will keeps the brackets on the teeth) to the the tooth, so at least have your daugher stop using the whitening toothpaste 2 weeks before she gets her braces on.Health Question & Answer

I'm a dentistHealth Question & Answer

Be careful because brushing your teeth with baking soda more than once a week can cause serious damage to your teeth enamel. You might want to use whitestrips or an actual teeth whitening treatment instead. I found some free trials that I posted on my blog that work great. You can see how much of a difference they made on my teeth.Health Question & Answer

http://www.brightwhiteteethnow.comHealth Question & Answer

It doesn't matter what toothpaste she uses when she gets the braces on. Once the braces come off her teeth will get polished up anyway.Health Question & Answer

Had braces for 18 months.Health Question & Answer

The toothpaste doesn't seem a major problem but its best to ask your dentist to make sure.Health Question & Answer

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