Why are me teeth like this and how can i fix this?!

Question: Why are me teeth like this and how can i fix this.?
also has anybody else had this problem.? if you look at my pic you can see the bottom row of my teeth on the right side goes in and is not inline. please help with advice and answers. i know you can barely see it


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Maybe their just like that because when you lost your baby teeth they grew in crooked. Braces can fix that=)Health Question & Answer

Your teeth are growing at different rates which is normal for young people, and people whose teeth have been moved (braces, plate expander, plates, a big hit on the mouth). If it's irritating, see an orthodontist.Health Question & Answer

If it bothers you I suggest you go to the dentist and get a retainer to wear at night. It won't take long to get them into their proper place.Health Question & Answer

you need jaw surgery ASAP

braces too while you're at itHealth Question & Answer

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