I'm getting braces soon and I want to know how much they hurt?!

Question: I'm getting braces soon and I want to know how much they hurt.?
I'm kind of scared.

WHAT DO I DO.?!Health Question & Answer

dont be afraid.

ok well the actuall process of putting them on doesnt hurt AT ALL!

all he does is cement the brackets on and put the wire through.
that wont hurt.

it will start to hurt a couple of hours later though, because your teeth have to adjust.

i lived off of noodles and ice cream for several days lol, cuz chewing made me want to kill myself.Health Question & Answer

Not really very hurtful compared to a lot of other dental procedures. Not at all painful like a root canal or fillings, but the mouth is a bit sensitive and getting the braces put on has some annoyance associated with it. also, every time the braces get tightened, the teeth start to move and it makes things a bit sore for a few days.

And the braces and the wires sometimes dig and poke inside the mouth and that can be annoying, but really, the whole thing isn,t all that bad. My son's experiences with his braces was a breeze compared to what it was like when I had mine in the early seventies.

I don,t think you should be scared at all. Seriously.Health Question & Answer

Okay, so like five minutes after you get them on, they just feel really weird and tight. And then, about 2 hours later, they feel really tight and your teeth are sore because your teeth are shifting. I would have some Tylenol or Advil at hand (though they didn't help me personally that much but everyone is different). Trust me, you're gonna need some soft foods because you (probably) won't be able to eat much else. For me, I had to cut up a hotdog and suck on it when I first got them on and I had to do that again when I got elastics (the things that correct an overbite). But the pain goes away and trust me, IT'S BEARABLE!!!! HANG IN THERE!Health Question & Answer

MEHealth Question & Answer

Don't panic! i have went through everything when it comes to dental work. braces are OK they don't hurt when they put them on, or the rest of the day the only time they begin to hurt is the day after in the afternoon so take some med. Braces are fine it's expanders you have 2 worry about! hope they don't bother you! (they won't)Health Question & Answer

With my experience, the pain was not all that bad. I was not able to chew really hard or tough foods for a day or two though. I would try taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol. One may work better than the other because of your body chemistry, so try both and see which on is better. Your best option is to eat soft foods. Any pain will go away in a day or so. Chewing gum can actually help some of the pain go away. It just hurts when you start chewing it. Make sure that you get sugar free gum. I hope that I could help. ^_^Health Question & Answer

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They don't hurt for the first 20 min or so, but then they do hurt for some time, especially if you bite down on something. I recommend taking a pain killer (i.e. Tylenol) if it gets unbearable, but you will be able to manage, and the pain goes away after about a day. Be ready to put your food in the blender for a day...Health Question & Answer

Well i have braces and everyone told me that they would hurt when you first get them, but when i got mine on they didn't hurt AT ALL !
I think it depends on the person or how tight they put them on .?
But you will get used to them very quickly(:
Good Luck !Health Question & Answer

got em 3 days ago.dont mean to scare you but i absolutly hate them!
but it depends on people.but i cant deal with pain.and remember tke lotsa advice from the orthodontist.i forgot 2 do this!
xHealth Question & Answer

You need to harden up a bit. they aren't that bad. some times the wire can dig into you but you can get wax to put on the sharp bits.Health Question & Answer

yeah...they hurt a bit...
try and think of other things to make the pain go away...

also...i suggest eating some ice cream or something cold right after...
to reduce the swelling..Health Question & Answer

its not really that bad.
u can deal with it.
dont worry.

xxHealth Question & Answer

had braces for 5 years and just had them removed yesterdayHealth Question & Answer

well they only hurt for the first couple of days then u get used to them
there not that bad
but food gets stuck in mine all the time lolHealth Question & Answer

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