My root canal and my retainers?!

Question: My root canal and my retainers.?
I just had a root canal done on my front tooth (tooth #9). I know after a root canal, the tooth becomes more brittle and becomes weaker.

I wear a retainer every night, to close the gap between tooth 8 and tooth 9 that I have if I do not wear the retainer. So I've always used the retainer for that.

My concern is...when wearing the retainer, in order to close the gap, there are some tooth movements to number 9 in order to close in with number 8, if you know what I mean. Since I just had a root canal on tooth 9, would the retainer shifting of that tooth make it more prone to breakage or bad for the roots for that tooth, or anything like that, since number 9 did become weaker.? HELP!Health Question & Answer

Depends on a few things :

1. the chances of fracture of a front tooth is more when the pressure is exerted antero-posteriorly. In other words, to the front and back, because these teeth are like thin sheets of paper.

2. When the gap between teeth #8 and #9 is being closed, the active force is applied mesio-distally. In other words, to the side. So, it should be fine.

3. also depends on the amount of tooth structure left.

There is always some risk of fracture if the tooth was:

a) "bombed out" to begin with and

b) had multiple fracture lines.

Again, make sure though from now on :

1. Get the crown done ASAP

2. Don't eat corn on the cob

3. Don't ever bite into an apple. Slice it up and throw the pieces in the back of your mouth.

4. No hard cookies, food, etc. Period.

I know, it sucks......Health Question & Answer

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