Wisdom Teeth Holes?!?!

Question: Wisdom Teeth Holes.?!.?
I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken about about 8 days ago (they were all impacted), and everything is going well. No more pain or swelling, and im gradually starting to eat solid foods. But I just have a quick question.

I'm getting a little confused on what exactly the wisdom tooth hole is.? After my very last tooth, there is a dip in my gums (I suppose), is that the hole.? Or, if I move my cheek over a tad, I can see a little hole beside that dip, kinda on my cheek.? Is that it.? Lol. I may sound a little clueless right now, but im just getting confused.

I received a syringe with a curved tip, and I have been filling it with warm water. Currently, im pointing it at the dip behind those last teeth on both sides. Am I doing it correctly, or is it suppose to be in that little hole.?! I also to salt water rinses after the syringe.

also, on my left side, after I do the syringe, there is a LITTLE pain that I experience for like 15-20 seconds, and it starts there, and travels up my gums toward the front of my mouth. Then it stops. What could this be.?

Thanks in advance!Health Question & Answer

The pain is normal. And the syringe tip should be inserted as far as possible into the little holes to ensure that the water force gets the particles out. If the pain gets a lot worse, then they could be infected and you'll need to see your dentist.

I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled about 2 years ago and I still have the holes. Sometimes food will still get stuck down in the side of my mouth so I have to be careful otherwise I feel a bit of pain.Health Question & Answer

its possible. please ask ur dentist/oral surgeon regarding ur teeth. i am not able to give you the info you need. i am so sorry I could not help you.Health Question & Answer

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