Will cavities get bigger?!

Question: Will cavities get bigger.?
If you have a few cavities and you still brush your teeth twice daily and don't have pain is the cavity staying the same size.? Is it still decaying even with the brushing.? I know you should fill them asap and I'm going to soon but I waited a few years. I don't know if i have pressure in them but sometimes I tap them and they feel better, what's the reason for that.?Health Question & Answer

If you don't make an appointment with a dentist and keep holding off it's going to decay until you need root channel, I have had it a couple of times. I brush my teeth twice a day, sometimes it just happens.

Just get it filled before it gets worse.Health Question & Answer

uh... ya.
what do you expect.?
their not going to shrink and if you don't do anything about a cavity it will continue to grow.
you can prevent a cavity if you catch it early enough and try to make some changes to prevent it from returning.Health Question & Answer


they do get bigger. if you wait to long it is possible to lose the tooth---eventuallyHealth Question & Answer

they certainly won't get smaller and can lead to deeper/more serious dental problemsHealth Question & Answer

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