Question about the orthodontics ? ? ?!

Question: Question about the orthodontics .? .? .?
heyya i live in Wales and my dentist referd me to the orthodontics about 10 months ago . yesterday i got a leeter to say that i have an appointment on wednesday . i am quite scared as i am only 13 i would like to know what this visit would consist of and how long until i recieve treatment. i have a big overbite but none of my teeth are at all wonky . thank you :D :D <3 <3 <3Health Question & Answer

The first appointment is usually just a "consultation" type appointment where the orthodontist will look at your teeth and then tell you what he is able to fix and tell you all the risks etc involved. He will give a rough estimate as to how long you will have to have the brace on for and if you agree to treatment he will take x-rays of your teeth and a mould also. Its nothing to be scared about - its just looking at your teeth really to see what he can do.If you only have an overbite then it sounds like quite a simple procedure. I had really wonky teeth and had to have 4 teeth pulled! He gave me all this information at my first appointment, so you will be able to decide if you want to go ahead after he tells you weverything he will have to do. Sounds like yours will just be a straightforward brace! Good luck!Health Question & Answer

The first time you go to your orthodontics will only a discussion about your teeth, pricing, how long the treatment will me etc. Measuring you lips with a ruler. There will no pain in the first visited so don't worry its not like going to your normal dentist where they may be pain. however the lent of time you will have brace will depend on you orthodontics view the shall be able to advice you. Best of luck !!!Health Question & Answer

I have brace's and i know all about the orth,Health Question & Answer

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