Im thinking of getting braces!?!

Question: Im thinking of getting braces!.?
do you know how long after my first appointment It would take 2 recieve bracesHealth Question & Answer

I've just got a brace on my top teeth. I had my initial consultationn, then a week later my impressions were taken, then two weeks after that I had the brace fitted :)Health Question & Answer

Well I think it depends on the growth rate of your teeth. I went for my first appointment when I was eleven, I am fifteen now and due to get my braces in April. I had to wait due to the slow development of my premolars.

Another example, my friend went for her first appointment at the age of ten, by eleven, she had the brace put in.

It really depends on the development of your teeth. Have you got all of your adult teeth.?

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BryonyHealth Question & Answer

Depends whether you are having them fitted privately or on the NHS...mine were done privately and they were fitted 4 weeks after my consultation. NHS takes A LOT longer than this, as you are put on a waiting list! Some people have to wait for years!Health Question & Answer

dunno. You don't get to pick to have braces, it's whether your dentist thinks you need em! Quite a while I guess though.Health Question & Answer

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