My crown fell off. It was broken from the gum level yesterday.?!

Question: My crown fell off. It was broken from the gum level yesterday..?
Thank you so much. I think that this tooth has a root canal done, when I had a crown. When I look at my tooth in the mirror, I see small portion of pastel pink in the middle and two sides of that has tiny dark gray filling surrounded by a think ceramic tooth. I see one area of that seem to havea crack, if I am not wrong. When I brushed it last night, that area bleeded a little. Can a new dentist still put a new crown or is it impossible unless I get the inplant.? I would like to avoid implant not only it is expensive but also it seems to be so paintul, when I heard it from my friend in past. What can I do meanwhile, until I find a dentist here.?Health Question & Answer

go to the dentist as soon as possible. the tooth will look tiny because it was prepped (filed down so the crown could be placed on). don't brush too hard until you get to the dentist. make sure you take that crown with you. what they can do, is make you a temporary crown from temporary acrylic or temporary composite material using your old crown as a model. they can place it on the tooth, take an impression, and then make a temporary for it. in the meanwhile, they will send for their lab to make you a brand new crown. it would be better to get a porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM), the PFM crowns are strong. they have metal and have porcelain on top to make it look like a natural tooth.

make sure you ask your dentist and dental assistant about this. get it done as soon as possible. it isn't good to have an open space anywhere in the mouth.Health Question & Answer

dental assistant.

:)Health Question & Answer

Luna6887 gave very good advice. The little bit of pink you see is the root canal filling material. Your dentist may construct a post to go into the root about half way down and a new crown will be cemented onto this post.Health Question & Answer

I'm a dentistHealth Question & Answer

The docter should be able to put a crown on it if it is not to bad broken.Health Question & Answer

I went to dental assistaint schoolHealth Question & Answer

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