What happened to my jaw to cause this much pain?!

Question: What happened to my jaw to cause this much pain.?
I don't know why but this morning when I woke up, the right side of my jaw was killing. Its 9pm now and it still hurts. I can't chew on that side, I can barely even chew on the other side (I have to do it very carefully).

I do have TMJ and my jaw pops all the time. Weird part is-I can pop the right side of my jaw any time and now I can't and it kills. Its going into my ear too.

Could I have clenched my teeth really bad last night.? I don't recall doing anything, so why is this happening.? Should I take some motrin.?Health Question & Answer

i've had this before. not sure if it was from the way i slept or what. i took some ibuprofen and it felt better.Health Question & Answer

swelling use some ice then a dentistHealth Question & Answer

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