How much will it cost to get a crown?!

Question: How much will it cost to get a crown.?
I'm a full-time student without dental insurance and needs some dental work done. The main thing I need is a crown, and was wondering how much I could expect to pay, and if anyone has any suggestions for looking around and trying to get a better price.

Please share your experiences :)Health Question & Answer

I was in school without insurance too and had to get a root canal which includes a crown at the end. The crown runs about $900 give or take . I got care credit (a 0% interest card you can only use for medical reasons). I paid it off fairly quick that way.

Or, does your school have a dental program.? They can do it for the price of materials. It'll probably run you $100-$200 that way. Crowns are fairly easy to do, so I wouldn't be too worried about having a student do it- especially since a DDS is there watching and grading making sure they do it well.

Option 3: Keep the temporary crown they'll put on until you're done with school (They look great as long as you have a decent and picky assistant working with the doctor). Those can last surprisingly long sometimes. And then you can wait until you're done with school to get the permanent one seated.Health Question & Answer

There's an assistant that works at my office and her temporary crowns look better than the permanent ones from the lab!Health Question & Answer

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