When getting a dental crown or cap, is the cap larger than your natural tooth?!

Question: When getting a dental crown or cap, is the cap larger than your natural tooth.?
Should the crown be the same size as your previous tooth.?Health Question & Answer

First, you need to understand that the dentist will shave down your tooth all around in order to place the crown around it (so your tooth will be smaller in order to make room for the crown). It all depends on what you and your dentist are trying to do. If you got a root canal and had most of your tooth structure available for your dentist to get an impression then usually the dentist will use this to send to the lab to make the crown with (so it will be the same size). If the tooth structure was broken or if you are trying to create better looks then the tooth size will be different. But, it isn't as simple as just putting a crown on top of a normal tooth....the dentist has to use the drill and shave the tooth all around to make it skinnier and shorter.Health Question & Answer

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Well it goes over your tooth so it has to be a little bigger for your tooth to fit inside.Health Question & Answer

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