Question: Glasses+Braces=NERD.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
you wont look like a nerd i get compliments when i where my glasses and my best friend has both and all the girls at his school say hes hot. plus u wont wear them all the time so it'll basically b the same as it was before u got them.Health Question & Answer

Have you ever seen a pic of Ugly Betty without the outfit.? Girl's hot. Just saying.

No. It'll be ok. You might end up trying on frames forever, but it really will be ok. Like the last person said, flaunt it. Glasses can be sexyHealth Question & Answer

No,and anyway who honestly cares.?
whoever has the time to knit pick people obviously have no lives any way.Don't worry.Health Question & Answer

& #9774Health Question & Answer

lol i got a friend who got braces and glases but he is very nice and is popularHealth Question & Answer

Get contacts if it really bothers youHealth Question & Answer

Who cares what people think.

FLAUNT IT.Health Question & Answer

i think your health is a little more important than caring what people think about you.Health Question & Answer

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