My gums are swelling?!

Question: My gums are swelling.?
I have braces and my gums are swelling up, how do I get them to go back down.?Health Question & Answer

Answer: Your swelling is caused by poor oral hygiene. You need to brush and FLOSS 2x to 3x a day. Your gingiva is inflammed due to the lack of flossing especially. Have your teeth cleaned and then return to a regular oral hygiene regime that includes: 1. Brushing after meals 2. Flossing 2x a day 3. An oral rinse aid like Listerine. If you do not do so, you will continue to experience bone loss and tissue damage.Health Question & Answer

your braces are probably too tight on you or you probably got infected by something when you got the braces. there might a chance that you have gum disease too. I strongly recommend that you go to your dentist to make sure if your gums are okay or not and get them treated before they get worse. i hope you feel beter!Health Question & Answer

Let the air out. If that does not work, go ask your dentist!Health Question & Answer

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