I have to get braces.?!

Question: I have to get braces..?
Ok I have to get braces and spacers...which one hurts worse or do they hurt the same..?Health Question & Answer

i was very curious before i got mine on too i reasearched like evey website like ten times! i think spacers hurt wayyy more! they hurt sooo bad! braces only hurt to eat and if braces are hurting alot try biting on something i no it will hurt to bite but just get passed it and bitting down will help. i dont want to scare you but i rember how curious i was but spacers are the worst! they hurt the whole time i had them on and when they take them of i thought it would be like a sudden relief but it defently was not! i basicly starved my self when i had spacer i had them for a week you front teeth will also feel tight thats what hurt the most at first to me it dosrnt hurt at first but it will alot laterHealth Question & Answer

experenceHealth Question & Answer

Well, I really can't say, so you can feel free to blow this answer off, but right now I have spacers for the second time, and they really have never been very bad. Both times they hurt the worst (which wasn't very much, mostly when I bit down) on the second and third day. After that I really didn't notice them until I spontaneously thought about them. I don't have braces yet, but as far as my palatal expander I'd definitely say that the expander is worse than the spacers.

However, I have heard of a lot of people saying that spacers are horrible and much more painful that the metal, so I really can't say how it will be for you.

Good luck! (I'm thirteen too.)Health Question & Answer

Spacers are what u get first, they can hurt at first but then there fine after a day or two. also, they are only temporary. On the other hand braces dont hurt at all when your getting them on...the first time i got mine on i couldnt even tell they were on. Braces only hurt to bight down for a couple of days, and sometimes when they change the bands or tighten them. But thats really it. Youll be fine.

~ TONI14Health Question & Answer

personal experience, had braces when i was a teenHealth Question & Answer

Personally, getting the actual braces hurts worse because they glue them on and you don't feel anything. but after a while, they pain just comes! talking and everything makes it hurt so bad.
spacers hurt a little bit. when they remove the spacers they will put metal rings in. it pinches a huge deal!Health Question & Answer

Braces of my own :(Health Question & Answer

Well.. it depends spacers hurt a little while they're in there.. but they are temporary, while the braces def last longer. When you get your braces tightened it will hurt for about a day, but you always get used to it!Health Question & Answer

they only hurt for a week or so, take advil and suck it up. Every teenager basically now a days goes through it so we all know how you feel the first week of getting them.Health Question & Answer

They were the same to me. Both moved the death.

Both were very uncomfortable but as long as you stick to your diet, which is softer foods, you should be fine.Health Question & Answer

braces hurt for about 5 days just dont bite down , watch tv or get on the computer dont eat hard things !!!!!!!! eat soups and drink smoothies(:Health Question & Answer

i had bracesHealth Question & Answer

They both hurt, but I'd say spacers are worse.Health Question & Answer

Had braces, had friends who had braces and spacers for years.Health Question & Answer

definitely spacers....they hurt like a *****....the braces really dont hurt that bad...the results are amazing though so hang in there!Health Question & Answer

I just had mine taken off. they both hurt at first.. but not bad.. its worth the pain.. remember to do what they tell you..

Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

Spacers hurt the worst! But be brave!
You'll do fine!Health Question & Answer

Well, I've never had spacers, but braces don't hurt that bad!
Just pop some tylenol & you'll be fine.Health Question & Answer

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