How to whiten teeth!!!!!!!!!?!

Question: How to whiten teeth!!!!!!!!!.?
help please like is there anything you can use that is safe.?.?Health Question & Answer

One popular tooth whitening product that you can use is bleaching solution that contains peroxide for bleaching tooth enamel. The bleaching agent in these products is usually carbamide peroxide, which is available in 10, 16 and 22 percent concentrations.

Whiteners that contain peroxide typically come in gel form and are placed in a mouthguard. Some products are used twice a day for 2 weeks while others are intended for overnight use for a 1 to 2 weeks period. If you can obtain the bleaching solution from your dentist, he will be able to construct a custom mouth guard to fit your teeth precisely. Currently, the American Dental Association endorses only dentist-dispensed home-use percent carbamide peroxide tray-applied gels.

In addition to bleaching solution, whitening strips are increasingly being used as a preferred tooth whitening product. For instance, you are now able to get your hands on a set of Crest Whitestrips Supreme from any convenience store. The flexible, invisible strips are coated with an enamel-safe tooth bleaching gel. To whiten your teeth, you simply place the strips on your teeth and wear them for about 15 to 30 minutes each day. After a period of about 21 days, you should be able to see a significant difference on the brightness of your teeth.

For other effective home teeth whitening solutions, you may wish to read about them here : Question & Answer

first you have to avoid things that stains your teeth (coffee, tea, smoking, etc..), and its even more important to do so after you whiten them because your teeth will become more susceptible to staining. Just start with using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. I use the crest brands and people always tell me my teeth are so white and i've never had it professionally whitened. the only thing i've used that was specifically for whitening was the crest strips, which works. but it only whitens the front of your teeth. i stopped using it and just stuck to using a mouthwash and then brushing my teeth with a medium brush for atleast 2 minutes everyday. i think eating cheese makes your teeth yellow, but you'll have to find out for sure on your own.Health Question & Answer

peroxide and baking soda mix...they claim its not safe as far as removing to much enamel from your teeth but that's only if you scrub to hard or do it to often...3 times a week is a normal amount that wont damage your teeth..if you have a cut in your gums it will hurt a little but its not that bad...i do it sometimes when i feel my teeth are getting dull in color. people also use peroxide to gargle just never swallow it.Health Question & Answer

wet your toothbrush and coat it with pure baking soda, watch your gums though,,, it can be a bit abrasive, but it does polish your teeth nicely :)Health Question & Answer

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about it you can find information from the following website
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Teeth whitening strips from the store are safe but don't do as good a job as the whitening trays that you can get from your dentist.Health Question & Answer

Whitening stripsHealth Question & Answer

ToothpasteHealth Question & Answer

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