Spacer/Braces pain any remedies?!

Question: Spacer/Braces pain any remedies.?
I have braces and spacers and I've never been in pain quiet like this

Does anyone know any home-remedies, or something legitimate that would actually work...I don't feel like going out and buying a tube of something that won't do anything..

I've taken all kinds of medicine, Ibuprofine, Moltrin, Advil, Tylenol and those aren't even helping.

I've also tried the warm salt water rinse and it doesn't help at all.

The things that hurt the most are the spacers, does anyone know any tricks that could sooth my aching teeth and gums.

also, why does it hurt to eat with spacers.? they're pushing my teeth sure...but why can't I eat comfortably.?Health Question & Answer

Hi, I feel your pain. Braces have probably been the most painful thing I have experienced, so after a year with them, I have quite a few remedies lol

1. I always find a cup of hot black or green tea takes some of the ache away.
2. The gel they put in babie's mouths when they are teething is GREAT. Just rub it on your gums.
3. Liquid drug store pain killers are really good, because you can actually squirt it directly onto the gums.
4. I find the best way is to just work into the pain. It sounds stupid but it's the best way to get rid of the pain. Every now and again, bite down or press against your teeth with your tongue and just bear the pain for a few seconds. Eventually you will find it hurts less each time you do it.

Goodluck, and I feel your pain lol :)Health Question & Answer

Try drinking milk. I heard that they soothe the gums.
But thats only for a bit.
There are these things you can gargle that numb your gums. I forgot the specific brand. But you can buy them at your drugstores or ask your dentist.

I only know that you can gargle it and it will numb your entire mouth. And another one that you put on with a q-tip and it numbs that one area. :)

I got it when i first had my braces and i had all those huge sores and my gums got swollen and painful. And it sorta helped. It depends on the person. :)Health Question & Answer

don't eat anything that makes you chow anything! & try a gel at the drugstore that nums pain in your mouth.Health Question & Answer

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