Should i get my tounge piereced?!

Question: Should i get my tounge piereced.?
me &+ some freinds where tinging of doin it before we start sixth form
is this a bad idea.?
is it dangerous.?Health Question & Answer

For sure I agree with Christy, especially coming from a dental perspective.
But although many people are going against it, you have to remember that there will always be people who just don't agree with piercings in general, like people who don't like tattoos. I really think if you are concerned with it being 'bad' for you, then you nee dto do a little research, especially if you're concerned about your teeth.
However, I know a girl who recently got her tongue pierced, and she loves it and is doing great. I don't think the 'danger' factor is really there, because yes, they could hit a vital part of your tongue, but if you go to someone who really knows about these kinds of piercings, you should be fine.

so to answer your 2 questions:
it's only a bad idea if YOU think so. It's your body and you can do what you want to it.
and it's only dangerous if you don't go to a professional, if you don't take care of it, and it is slightly dangerous for your teeth.Health Question & Answer

Okay I have been in the dental field for 7 years now. I will never tell someone no not to do something but i will tell you from my experience what may happen. Your tongue is the vascular part of your body, unless by some chance this person who is piercing you went to dental school, the chance of them hitting this artery and you bleeding out would be low but it is very much a possibility. The other issue is do you like the way crowns (or caps) look on peoples teeth because you are going to have a few from breaking and cracking your teeth with that stud, yes even plastic ones will crack your teeth. So if you get this done at the least you should get some good dental insurance b/c crowns are NOT CHEAP!!Health Question & Answer

NO don't get your tongue pierced. It can cause you teeth to go crocked because of a pierced tongue. Yes it can be dangerous if you get a infection on you tongue.Health Question & Answer

it's very ugly and not at all appealing or attractive, and yes, it can make you very sick. Some have died from this.Health Question & Answer

well if u get it pierced u could hurt ur tongue badly and its not flateringHealth Question & Answer

family and my opinionHealth Question & Answer

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