I am 18 years yrs old and recently noticed white stuff on a couple of my teeth near my gums, what is this?!

Question: I am 18 years yrs old and recently noticed white stuff on a couple of my teeth near my gums, what is this.?
I got my braces off in October (2008) and the reason i had them was because one of my eye teeth wouldn't come down. The baby tooth was still intact and wasn't wiggly at all. So the dentist had the baby tooth pulled and put braces on to pull the tooth down. after the tooth came down i noticed it was yellow so i tried using whitestrips to whiten it. the strips whitened the rest of my teeth except for this one. Why is this.? and also i noteiced after useing the white strips that 2 of my teeth seemed to have almost a white buildup on my teeth up towards my gums. i tried scraping it off but it seems to be part of my tooth and doesnt come off. What could this white stuff be and how can i fix it.?Health Question & Answer

It's calcium spots.
It's not bad.
I have it, as well.
And I'm fourteen. I've had it since I was little.
It can be hereditary.
And it's not from drinking too much milk, or anything. I don't even drink milk, and I get it.
It's an odd thing. Ask your dentist if there is a way to get rid of it because my dentist has yet to tell me this secret. :P
It comes and goes. I get them everytime I wear my retainer to bed, too.
Best of luck(:Health Question & Answer

This could just be plaque. Make sure you brush your teeth and floss twice a day. You could ask your dentist about it, and that would probably be your best bet. But don't worry your teeth wont fall out :)Health Question & Answer

my guess would be calculus or tartar, it is easily removed by a dental hygienist next time you see the dentist :-)Health Question & Answer

Sounds like tartar to me.Health Question & Answer

OMG YOU GOT RABIES. GOTO DOCTORS NOW !!!!!Health Question & Answer

sounds like toe jam to me, who's foot have you had in your mouth.?Health Question & Answer

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