If I eat really unhealthily, but don't gain weight, is it doing the same amount of damage?!

Question: If I eat really unhealthily, but don't gain weight, is it doing the same amount of damage.?
I eat really crappy foods but have a freakish metabolism...so basically I don't gain any weight. I was just wondering is it still as bad for you.? Like obviously it's not good for you, but is it equally as bad as if you do gain weight.?Health Question & Answer

Yes, it's still bad for you. Here are some reasons

1.FATTY FOOD - Cholesterol (fatty deposits) in foods travel through your system and into your arteries around your heart, they stick there and gradually build up until blood can't reach your heart - causing a heart attack, this can also happen in the arteries around the brain causing a stroke.

2. SUGARY FOOD - Too much sugary foods can cause adult onset diabetes.

3. Eating too much junk food means that your body isn't getting enough nutrient dense food, and you can end up with problems such as iron deficiency/ b 12 deficiency, scurvy - thats what people used to get in the 1900's but it's making a comeback as people do not eat well.Health Question & Answer

Yes, it's not as bad but still bad.
Eventually all the fat is gonna show up in your later years and if you keep with your current state of nutrition, you will probably be hearing later on in life you have high blood pressure and heart problems.
Just because your skinny
DOES NOT mean your healthyHealth Question & Answer

Yes it is still bad for you and it will eventually catch up with you. As you get older your metabolism slows down. If you continue to eat poorly you will gain weight so it is good to learn healthy eating now not just for your weight but your overall health. Health Question & Answer

it's not as bad, cause a normal person will get unhealthy and fat, and you're getting just one of those.ha-ha You're a lucky person, just try to include like more veggies and fruits.Health Question & Answer

Yes because your still needs good nutrition to build healthy bones and get you through the days without getting sick. Junk food not only is not good for your body but healthy foods will make your body stronger against germs, which lead to you becoming sick. Health Question & Answer

It is possible to eat a high calorific diet and not gain weight due to malnutrition. You could get any number of deficiency illnesses depending on the specific diet.Health Question & Answer

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