Workouts for home ?!

Question: Workouts for home .?
OK I want a very defined face. I know I can't do spot treatments on loosing weight so I will have to just exercise and hope for the ideal results. Anyways, I think if I lose about 10 pounds , I will see a big difference. I already know my food plans but I need exercising ones too. Can you help me on what workouts to do at home to lose weight all over.? I'll start tonight or tomorrow....Health Question & Answer

I have been through alot of diets and excersizes myself the one that seemed to work the best was just walking a mile everyday... and doing pushups situps washing machines and jumping jacks at night... even though i was not perfect I developed a hour glass figure and my face did not become so defined as to say because you cant change a bone structure however I did temporarily get rid of the slight double chin i had... im guessing that is what you are talking about so yeah... anyway try and start off with walking (you can also do it in place at home while watching your fav tv shows) and doing as many sit ups push ups washing machines and jumping jacks at night then slowly increase on the amount that you do... hope this helps
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Exercise videos seem to work good with women. They are designed to address all parts of the body, which when you get where you want to be, will give you a well defined look. For weight loss, diet is far more important than exercise. It is what we eat, not how much we work out, that defines our weight.

Treadmills are very effective in both burning calories and defining the body, so I would start there. They're safer too, in that it's something you can do in the comfort of your home, at a time of your choosing, without having to run around the neighborhood. In addition, weather is not a factor with a treadmill.

I have had a daily regimen for years of jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups. I do gain weight when I eat the wrong foods, but by weighing myself each day, I can also respond quickly to a few pounds weight gain. This keeps it manageable, and always in control ! With my style of exercise, the weight gain is never a big problem because the body is well defined, but the pants are harder to button !Health Question & Answer

Depending on where you live - stair climbing is a good option, leg lifts (while watching tv or just sitting in a chair), ab crunches, yoga or stretching (for leaner muscles) and dancing around the house (could be if your doing chores or just listening to music on your day off.Health Question & Answer

Try doing an hour of cardio 3-4 times a week.

Example: Dancing, skating, aerobics, an exercise movie.

If u go to they have some free exercise movies that you can watch and do on your computer. They also have tips and stuff like that.Health Question & Answer

sit ups,jogging anything that involves moving alot it depends on ur shape.

my ex gilrfriend worked out a little bit but she liked being a little thick because dats how i liked most of my girls but i like skinny too but we broke up last month im over herHealth Question & Answer

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