Is having a 50 bpm or lower heartrate while in surgery a concern?!

Question: Is having a 50 bpm or lower heartrate while in surgery a concern.?
After I woke from surgery, my Doctor told me that I had a 50 or under heart beat per minute rate. My next appointment to speak to him isn't until next week, but does anyone think I should be concerned. I figured it was a healthy relaxed rate especially while under anesthesia. I'm in good health, run a lot on my own and in my late 30s.Health Question & Answer

That would depend on what normal is for you. If that's your normal resting rate, then it would be no concern.

My normal resting rate is in the low 40's, but I'm an endurance athlete.

I have a friend who's been turned down for blood donation for the same reason, even though he recently finished an Ironman triathlon.

Doctors don't usually know people well enough (sadly). I wonder how many times treatment is bungled because of this.Health Question & Answer

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