How can i get motivated to lose a bit of weight?!

Question: How can i get motivated to lose a bit of weight.?
most years i usually lose weight. And then gain a bit back then have to work on it the next year. This year i couldnt get motivated and was under alot of stress due to finishing my hsc. Now i cant get motivated to lose weight because ive had such huge break from exercising. I used to love it but now it seem's like its a chore to do. What can i do to motivate myself to lose weight.

-Please no inmatture answer's thankyou.Health Question & Answer

I bought hot pants to motivate myself.
I know it sounds silly, but I thought, if I can look hot in these, I'll be happy ( as my problem area is my butt/thighs)
Having something to work towards and something I could actually look at helped a lot.Health Question & Answer

You need to have a clear picture in your mind of how you want to look, this will be your goal. The reason it's hard to keep motivated as goals often seem so far off and you don't seem to be getting closer. What helps me is picturing a boy i like and imagine he is watching me exercising. This is enough motivation for me, it makes exercising sexy. also i think of all the times when people have believed i can't do something, or mean things people have said about my body and i exercise with a smile on my face by imagining their faces when they see me with me new body!
HAHAHA sounds wierd but trust me it works for me so hopefully it may work for you.Health Question & Answer

Stick pictures of people who you consider to have nice bodies on your fridge and pantry door. Then when you go to grab a snack that you don't really need, those people will remind you that you shouldn't have it. Or just make sure you don't buy too much unhealthy food, because if you don't have it, you can't eat it. As far as exercise is concerned, I don't really know sorry.Health Question & Answer

uh .. go to the gym everyday .?

i wanna lose weight too lol .. but i'm only a kid and my rents would find me going to the gym very sus .. like i wanna lose weight to be pretty or something gosh . they're always on me whenver i change my look like buy a new tshirt or get a new hairstyle , they're like, ooh shes growing up, shes trying to be pretty to attract the guys, go focus on ur study u stupid girlHealth Question & Answer

You have to try to think the way you used to when you used to enjoy it. And this might sound funny but, find someone you think is a little bigger than you want to be and try to dominate them. If they could you could even better.Health Question & Answer

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