Help Losing 4 pounds?!

Question: Help Losing 4 pounds.?
now im 14 124 pounds nd im 5'3- 5'4(lol idk which one)

but my thighs kinna rub against each other(not bad but itz just not how i like 2 be.)

People say im thin but i have a flabby stomache.. i want one that curves when i hunch my back not flabs out(lol) but do you think four pounds would help me..Health Question & Answer

yu are HELLA skinny
yu do NOT need to lose ANY weight
take it from meHealth Question & Answer

Because of your height, it will be noticeable. I am 6'2, and 4lbs is slightly noticeable, and the shorter you are, the more drastic it seems. You may need to lose more than 4 lbs however, or you may be fine as is. Just as long as you're healthy and happy. We're all our own hardest critics, so keep that in mind while dieting.Health Question & Answer

LA fitness has a great cycle class! it's way better then running and i lost a pound in one week and i only went to the class three times... and i started out at 125 so i'm about like you ! it's actually not too boring either, it's pretty fun. only an hour class and you can set your own pace, and the whole thing is done to music! hopefully that helps =]Health Question & Answer

Targetted weight loss is quite hard, some would say impossible, however I worked off 3 inches from my thighs by following the guidance on the site in the box below. Give it a try, their advice is very down to earth!Health Question & Answer

just what i do is restrict calorei count too 500 calories a day adn exerciseHealth Question & Answer

hell yeah someyimes four pounds can look like 20 pounds im going for 3 poundsHealth Question & Answer

start doing some crunches....Health Question & Answer

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