What is a good clear liquid diet?!

Question: What is a good clear liquid diet.?
i am on a clear liquid diet for the next four weeks for a procedure.what is a good clear liquid diet suggestion. a dietitian has helped some but i could use more.Health Question & Answer

home made broth from chicken or beef sounds good.tea with honeyHealth Question & Answer

Water is the main clear and pure liquid.

apple juice, grape juice, cranberryjuice (without the pulp), strained lemonade.

broths, bouillon, mostly strained vegetable broth.

honey.Health Question & Answer

Papaya is great for any kind of fasting diet because it can help "clean you out" without depriving you of valuable nutrients. They sell the juice at Wholefoods.Health Question & Answer

Water only. It's good and clear.Health Question & Answer

water, sprite, ginger ale, 7 up, white grape juiceHealth Question & Answer

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