Im addicted to!?!

Question: Im addicted to!.?
basically. im addicted to bread. not all carbs particulary (althoo i wouldnt say no). but bread. mainly toast. i could easily eat 6 slices in a row. im 19 female....and would say im curvy size 12. so not overweight but feel like i want to be a bit thinner. how can i stop my addiction.?

especially toast and marmite...i just cant get enough!

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If you know once you start with one you won't be able to stop then don't start! Stop eating toast period. Try to cut out all carbs for awhile, it'll make it easier for you to resist when you go back to them, believe me, I'm just like you.
Focus on lean meat, veggies, and fruits. Good luck!Health Question & Answer

The answer is to get educated as to what bread is and the role it should play in your diet. Once you know the truth about bread and how it affects you, you can then decide what to do, LOGICALLY. If you just eat bread because you like it without any understanding of what it is doing to you, you will not be able to resist it. Why would you.?

Here's the book for you. He is not against bread, but explains in simple terms how to manage your weight and the role bread has in this.

also, please understand that the "staff of life" was created by people that never allowed the bread to get above 130 degrees when making it and they also soaked their grains over night to get rid of the phytic acid that is naturally found in grains. Feeding grains to animals is not natural and causes lots of problems with those animals in terms of making them very sick. The name of the book you should read is called, "Life Without Bread" by Christian Allan, Ph.D.

Don't be affraid of what you will learn, the truth will set you free and your decision on how much bread you should eat will be based on facts, not fantasy or ignorance.

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if you live with a friend ask them to help you by whenever your eating bread make sure your only eat 2 slices. I would not worry about it to much though my brother is a carb freak all he eats is pasta and bread while you or making toast put in two slices and out the bread away while your toasting it that way your less likely to eat more.Health Question & Answer

The key is moderation. How about two slices of bread and then fruit to go along with it. You could always try diet bread as well, but unless you will buy diet bread forever, the key is still moderation.Health Question & Answer

Try snacking on a healthy protein each time you want to grab some bread- like a hard boiled egg (or soft boiled if you prefer.) It should negate your cravings.Health Question & Answer

look up wat happens 2 ppl who eat 2 much breadHealth Question & Answer

...I like bread.Health Question & Answer

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