Weightlifting competition preparation?!

Question: Weightlifting competition preparation.?
its the day before my big competition i just need to know what time i should go to bed wake up and what i should eat before the competition its at 3pm tomorrow thanks for the helpHealth Question & Answer

Well, I suggest that you get 8 hours of sleep so you are well-rested.
If the competition is at 3 pm, I'd stop eating by 1 pm to give the food some time to digest.
I suggest that you talk with other athletes there and ask what they do about this too.
Try different things and take notes on what works best so that on each successive competition, you will be making changes for the better.
For example, I wouldn't eat a big meal right before the activity, because your blood will be diverted away from your muscles for digestion and this would mean less oxygen and energy to your muscles.
On the other hand, I've known guys to eat 5 minutes before a physical activity and perform well. You will have to try it one way this time and then try it another way next time to see what works best for you.
As far as sleeping goes, it has been proven that you get a much higher quality of sleep if you sleep while the sun is down, than if you were to sleep, say, 3 am to 11 am. So it's best to go to bed like 10 pm and wake at 6. Good luck tomorrow. Don't forget to warm up with some exercises using your own body weight like pushups to get the blood flowing.
The book "Getting Stronger" by Bill Pearl is very good.

I suggest that you make friends with older weightlifters where you train who can mentor you about this.Health Question & Answer

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